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Marc Chavy-Macdonald

Marc Chavy-Macdonald

Marc Chavy-Macdonald


Project Leader Space

Main Focuses

Future Planning for Space Technology

(New-) Space Business

System Design Methodology

Engineering Economics

Systemic Space Management

Sociotechnical Systems Engineering & Modelling

Innovation Management

  • PhD in Engineering (Systems Innovation), University of Tokyo
  • Science, Technology & Innovation Governance Program (Graduate certificate), University of Tokyo
    • also, Minor in Technology Management, University of Tokyo
  • Double Masters of Science, Space Science and Technology (Space Systems Track), Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster
  • Bachelor of Science, Double Honours in Physics and Mathematics, Dalhousie University
  • NewSpace Innovation: studying the recent revolution in the space sector, from an innovation economics (and engineering) perspective
  • Sustainable Futures: a Strategic Tech Planning System 2.0 for ESA
  • several more, e.g.: 
    • rocket propulsion tech economic modelling, 
    • Real Options and modular design, 
    • System Dynamics of the NewSpace economy, 
    • Concurrent Engineering 2.0, 
    • pattern languages for easy mission concept design