Center for Aviation and Space Competence

The Center for Aviation and Space Competence (CFAC-HSG) is an independent institution of the University of St.Gallen and was founded on July 1, 2005, as Switzerland's first aviation competence center. We offer services as well as basic and advanced training courses in aviation and provide service projects, such as market research and studies. We are using the knowledge that has been generated through research, publications and the experience of our academic advisory board members, partners and our Managing Director Andreas Wittmer with his Team.

Mission: We provide scientific, applied and practice-oriented research as well as training and education for managers in systemic industries, governmental or non-profit organizations. We also serve as discussion partners or counterparts for experts and interested parties in the fields of aviation and space and related industries. By these activities we aim to help the aviation and space industry in its complex interrelated and heterogeneous fields of application.

Vision: The CFAC is the number one independent university institution in Switzerland when it comes to research, trainings and executive education in the field of management, economics and law in the aviation and space and related industries.

Values: independent, reflective, systemic, practice-oriented, collaborative

Stakeholder: Managers in systemic industries, public or non-profit organizations as well as experts and interested parties.


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2023

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